Collecting items for the Marines overseas

Grandfather is collecting for the Marines

West Palm Beach - Paul McCullough is collecting soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other items. He's doing it for his grandson, Sean McCullough.

Sean is a Marine and was stationed in Afghanistan, but now he is back in the U.S. When Sean returned, he told his grandfather that his friends could use some help.

Paul said, "He's in the Marine Corps and and he has friends that are over there now and he was over there and he came back, but he has friends that are over there. They need to hear from us."

Paul holds the military close to his heart. He was in the Marines, and he has a second grandson who is also in the military.

"He's in the Army Reserve up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he is a lieutenant also, and he hasn't been overseas yet but they think that he is going to be on one of the security details when they start pulling out troops," said Paul.

Paul hopes others will help him collect supplies at the Vickers House South in West Palm Beach for the service men and women.

"Sean sent me a list of things that they would like to have. And they are basically aiming for that list, a lot of toiletries and things of that nature and any of those dried goods, the beef jerky and crackers that won't go bad. A lot of it that they don't use they give to the locals to try and be friendly with them," he said.

A grandfather who is lending a helping hand.

Drop-off Site
Vickers House South
3801 Georgia Avenue in West Palm Beach









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