Children from Ecuador share their heritage

Multicultural Day at Conniston Middle School

West Palm Beach - Kids from Ecuador performing for students at Conniston Middle school in West Palm Beach. It's part of the school's multi cultural day. The group, called Ludoteca,  travel the country dancing and speaking about their homeland.In Palm Beach County. They are sharing their heritage at several schools.

One of the students from Ecuador is Andrea Rivera. She shares information about her country during the presentation.

"The capital of Ecuador is Quito. Ecuador is in twenty-four provinces. It is located in South America and it's bordered on the North by Colombia, and the south and east by Peru."

Sandra Arroyo is the planner for the dual language instruction. She said, "This is a wonderful way for our kids to be exposed to cultures, to music, to language. What are kids doing elsewhere, and this is a wonderful way to do it. So Ludoteca comes every year. I think cultural awareness always makes a difference. Any time you have an opportunity for children to interact whether it's virtually, or in a situation such as this, you are always going to improve cultural relations, cultural awareness, sensitivity, to differences, because ultimately we might all be different but we are all the same. And I think in a forum such as this, the kids can see that."

The Ludoteca kids head to Orlando.
















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