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Voters should know that this is a Republican Presidential Preference Primary only.  Their polling location will be open from 7am to 7pm.  They may look up their polling location by going to our web page at   If they look at the bottom right side of the Home Page, they click on "Voter Information Lookup" and can enter their name and date of birth and it will provide them with their polling location.

 They need to present a current, picture/signature ID such as the following:1. Florida driver's license. 2. Florida identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. 3. United States passport. 4. Debit or credit card. 5. Military identification. 6. Student identification. 7. Retirement center identification. 8. Neighborhood association identification. 9. Public assistance identification.

(b) If the picture identification does not contain the signature of the elector, an additional identification that provides the elector's signature shall be required. The address appearing on the identification presented by the elector may not be used as the basis to confirm an elector's legal residence or otherwise challenge an elector's legal residence. The elector shall sign his or her name in the space provided on the precinct register or on an electronic device provided for recording the elector's signature. The clerk or inspector shall compare the signature with that on the identification provided by the elector and enter his or her initials in the space provided on the precinct register or on an electronic device provided for that purpose and allow the elector to vote if the clerk or inspector is satisfied as to the identity of the elector.


Additionally, if the voter has moved from another county to Palm Beach County, they need to change their address prior to going to their polling location.  They can do so by calling us today or tomorrow before they go to vote at (561) 656-6200.  If they have not changed their address and go to their new polling location, they will still be able to vote a Provisional Ballot.  We will just verify that they did not vote in their previous county before being able to count their ballot.


If anyone ordered an absentee ballot and they do not wish to vote it but would rather come to the polls to vote tomorrow, they need to bring their absentee ballot with them and it will be cancelled at their polling location prior to them being allowed to vote.  If they can, they should call us today or tomorrow and we can cancel their absentee ballot prior to them going to the polls.  It is quicker.


Turnout in the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary was 35.23% or 84,875 voters for ballots cast at the polls, 3.99% or 9,612 absentee ballots cast and 5.69% or 13,703 voters cast Early Voting ballots for a total of 108,190 or 44.91%.


Currently, Early Voting for this election was 13,210, which ended on Saturday.  We have mailed 10,320 absentee ballots and have received 7,057 back in the mail to date.

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