Great Dane helps raise funds for Humane Society

TREASURE COAST, Fla. - Treasure Coast supporters cheered on Jake, the Great Dane, who rose to the occasion Saturday night at the Kane Center in Stuart. The annual Paws and Claws fundraiser drew in hundreds of guests for a themed night through the decades. 

Jake's owners, WPTV anchor Jay Cashmere and his wife Kelly, stirred the crowd during a moving moment explaining Jake's rise from the streets after being neglected. Jay has emceed the annual event for nearly ten years.

"Jake's condition was so bad, he would not be here with us right now if not for the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast," says Cashmere.

Prior to the event, Jake and Jay pitched a social media fundraiser on Facebook and the Humane Society's website called "For Jake's Sake." It rallied over $2000 from donations.That along with proceeds collected at the gala totaled nearly $200,000. 

"I can't believe the generosity from all who contributed from the community. It's remarkable that so many were intrigued by Jake and for that I'm so thankful," says Cashmere.

If you would like to visit the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast click the link below:









I think it is fair to say that the event generated over $200K for our shelter.  We have $195K accounted for right now, and I am confident there is about another $10K that will come in.


Of course, we will keep for Jake's Sake open for the remainder of the week so people can still donate For Jake's Sake!


If you need any more information from me just let me know Jay.  Thank you again for making this year so special.  I can't wait to see Cruz at his first Paws and Claws!

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