Craigslist co-signers, FedEx Facebook app, At&T gives $100 off tablets, Pinterest's private boards

-There's a new trend on Craigslist, the site for classified ads. It seems more people are using Craigslist to search for co-signers when they don't qualify for a loan. Check out the "financial services" section and you will find dozens of ads like this. 

- Apple's iPhone 4S is being outsold by Samsung's Galaxy "S" as the world's best-selling smartphone in the third quarter.

- AT&T is giving you a $100 discount on tablets. The catch? It's in exchange for a two-year contract.

- FedEx has rolled out the "Ship to Friends" Facebook app. The feature lets you pay and prepare for a shipment and you don't even have to leave the social networking site. Click here to check out the app. 

- Pinterest rolls out private boards. It's great way to make sure your million dollar ideas are kept a secret. Or, perhaps you don't want your holiday gift ideas getting out to your family and friends. 

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