Martin County's surplus property for sale on the web

Need to furnish an office on the cheap? Looking for used office equipment and furniture, vehicles, or computers? The Martin County Board of County Commissioners uses an online auction site called "GovDeals" to sell surplus County property.

Since August 2010, Martin County has sold over 170 surplus items on the site, including 96 computers and 52 vehicles. Sales have totaled over $405,500; the funds are deposited into County's general fund.

The most unusual item sold was an 8,500-pound 1988 generator which sold for $11,000. The winning bidder paid for and picked up the generator.

You can find the GovDeals link on Martin County's website under Administration/Purchasing.
For more information on the sale of the County's surplus property contact Mike Kittell in Purchasing at 772-419-6946.,3891495&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


Information supplied by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners.
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